Thursday, September 10, 2009

Health Care Debate

Did anyone watch the President's address to Congress last night about the Health Care Plan he has come up with? I thought it was extremely interesting.

One of the reasons I still have to work is because my husband's job doesn't offer insurance for their employees, but mine does. When we made the switch to using my company's insurance, I was really interested in getting the short term disability coverage until I saw a warning that said it didn't cover anxiety disorders. When I had my last week long anxiety battle, I had to take the whole week off sick because I could hardly function. So I was really disappointed that anxiety wasn't covered in the short term disability insurance plan. So I didn't get it. Luckily my company has offered unlimited sick time so I will just stick with that. But I think its rare for companies to offer that now a days.

While we were switching the insurance over, my anxiety meds cost me 40 bucks a month without my insurance. With it, its only 10 dollars a month. (just for the Zoloft). I can't imagine someone that doesn't have health insurance and living with anxiety (which I am sure there are many many people out there in this situation) getting by. I'm sure they suffer more than anyone because they can't afford treatment, whether it be doctor visits, therapy, medication, whatever. 

So I am excited for the idea of changing how the system works. I know there are many pros and cons and the debate could go on forever and people feel very passionate about this subject. But I am just glad its changing because I don't think it can get much worse than it currently is.

What are your thoughts on the health care system as it is and how has it affected your treatment? What do you hope to see change?



Bill Chandler said...

No doubt, something definitely needs to change for any number of reasons. Of course, we have a vested interest because we know mental health disorder sufferers are the victims of incredible discrimination. It's so very upsetting that the primary barrier to change is the power of the almighty dollar. There's no way health insurance companies are going to let their cash cow go. Hence, all of the uproar and lies from the far right. How sad it was to see "Rep." Joe Wilson's verbal interruption of Obama's congressional speech last night. This is indicative of the conservative, and health insurance industry, investment in maintaining the lucrative status quo. The comment ranks right up there with death panels and other intentionally deceptive scare tactics. Well, here's to change, but I'm not holding my breath.

Laney said...

Well, I'm in Canada, so I'm already happy with my coverage ;-)

I'm happy you guys might finally get something.

Unknown said...

As Bill said, there is still great discrimination towards mental health sufferers. Even though there is a lot of information nowadays concerning anxiety disorders, many people still cannot understand the ways it stops the person from doing things others can do easily. I wrote a post about this subject, the importance of awareness on anxiety disorders, that I consider very important. The current incomprehension still affects a large number of people, in many different ways.

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