Saturday, July 14, 2007

Silver Linings

photo by Arman Zhenikeyev's
Well all in all today sucked. I was supposed to have a BBQ with my new friend and her spouse at our house and then watch a movie in our new Media room that we just finished in our basement. And by just finished I mean the carpet was installed yesterday. It looked so awesome and we were so excited to finally use it.

This morning I woke up and I was anxious thinking about the BBQ. What if I ran out of things to talk about with her and things got awkward? What if the whole night was a disaster. I hadn't felt this anxious for awhile. But before I could even get out of bed to take my medicine I hear Tyler tearing through the house like a mad man. Something was definitely wrong. So I go up to see what the problem was.

No joke, our basement flooded during the night. All over our new carpet. What the?

So we spent the entire day cleaning it up and we ended up having to rip up the carpet and dry out the padding underneath and leave some fans blowing on it all day.

So here is the silver linings to this really crappy day because why not try to see the good in everything? Because of the flood we ended up having to cancel the BBQ and although I was excited for the idea of how that would be fun, it did stop my anticipatory anxiety that I was feeling because of it. The other silver lining? We were forced to clean out all the storage in our basement that had gotten ruined in the water, and now everything is nicely stored and reorganized and not as cluttered.

P.S. I also took a 5 minute break when my anxiety returned during the day and weeded my garden. Gardening is very therapeutic for me and it was able to distract my thoughts enough for me to calm down so I could get back to cleaning.

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ShamWOW! said...

As a person who had a really bad run of luck with floods a few years ago (four of them in two years), I feel for you. Luckily I was renting so I didn't have to do all that carpet stuff myself.

However, I did lose just about all of my film photography archives. I'm still angry about that.

Flood 1: Water Heater went crazy.
Flood 2: Upstairs neighbor's water heater went crazy.
Flood 3: Banks of creek overflowed.
Flood 4: Valve behind toilet broke and water shot out of it for eight hours.

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