Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Breaking Up With My Therapist

photo by Hair Grows, right?

It wasn’t her, it was me. Sure we had some great times, a lot of laughs and some real serious talks that brought more depth to my life. She was a great listener and was always putting things in a new perspective for me, opening my eyes to a world I didn’t see before. She helped me to feel understood and valued. But I feel that we ran out of things to talk about. She knew all my stories. Yet I knew so little about her. Maybe someday I will come to realize that I need her in my life again. But for now I feel I need my space and its time for me to move on, to take some time to figure things out on my own.

Plus, my insurance won’t pay for it anymore.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's time to move on. Bummer about the insurance, too. I am not seeing my therapist now, either, she kinda said I didn't need to anymore.

Aimée said...

Hi Cynthia,

I know what you mean. My last session with my therapist I really had nothing to say because things have been going ok for me lately. So there were parts where I felt like I had to dig for something to talk about and it wasn't super useful for me.

I do have really good insurance, its just the copay that I would have had to start paying and thats not a big deal, but why pay for it if its not super beneficial. Its a nice luxury for me now, but I don't think its a necessity.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's for the best. Good luck! Maybe it will work out for you this way.

Aimée said...

Thank you mr.eating disorder and welcome to the blog. I checked out your website and it looks like you work for a really nice place. Lately I have been doing much better about eating what I want when I want and not doing what I think others want me to do. I have actually found a lot of good tips on eating disorder sites for positive affirmations. I don't have anorexia or bulemia, but my eating habits are different from most since my anxiety is so strong when eating around others. Do you suffer from an eating disorder or help others that do?

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