Friday, July 6, 2007

Who Are the Nebulous They and Why Do They Have So Much Power Over Us?

When you wake up and are feeling anxious and you try to write out your thoughts and you write, “I might get anxious, have an attack, and they will judge me”

Who are those people? Who are the “They” that we are so afraid of and why do They have so much control over us?

For me They is anyone I am not comfortable around which is almost everyone! They is anyone that looks at me with any vague suspicion. Anyone that shows general concern for my well being. Family, friends, coworkers; no one is immune from the gang of They.

How can we wake up in the morning and already let They get to us? People we haven’t even encountered yet, haven’t even seen suddenly has all the power and has stolen our happiness.

So how can we get the power back? How do we turn the nebulous They into comforting, peaceful, and non judgmental people in our lives?

They don’t hide in corners waiting to ambush us. They don’t hold mallets and sentence us to prison taking away our freedom and happiness. They don’t always laugh and mock us as soon as our backs are turned. But we somehow imagine that they do whether consciously or subconsciously. We have to learn to be comfortable enough with ourselves to not care about the monsters we sometimes create in our lives and then we can see They for whom They really are.


Anonymous said...

I don't know who 'they' are either. I think I've only met one or two of them in my life. I think most people are going to be one of 'them', but then most of the time people actually are nice and forgiving. I do wish my default was to think people are the nice kind, not the 'they' kind.

Ben said...

Very profound. I enjoyed this post a lot!

Aimée said...

Thanks Ben :) I appreciate the ideas you gave me. I actually wrote this during one of our tedious bug scrubs lol. I hope you are not still at work.

CB, you are so right. It surprises me just how understanding and kind people are when they know the truth about my anxiety and I used to think if anyone found out I would be forever spotted as the weird one and looked down upon, but it has really been quite the opposite. Thanks for the comment.

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