Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Dream World- What My World Would Look Like Without Anxiety

Oh my dream world, the one I can’t seem to actually dream about at night. Only during the day can I entertain the thought of what my life would be like without anxiety.

I think overall I would be a lot more fun to be around. I would be much more outgoing. I wouldn’t be so hesitant to do anything fun. Anything that could remotely get you in trouble is too worrisome for me to attempt. Even normal things are too hard to do like socializing with other women, eating, driving, etc.

If I had no anxiety, I would invite my favorite people over and entertain them with a home cooked meal and we would all sit down and eat together until we were stuffed. I would have so many friends that were girls, but only a handful would be my really close friends that I kept in touch with almost on a daily basis. We would go out to lunch all the time and have girls’ night out where we would go to the movies, hang out at my house, scrapbook, make crafts, watch chick flicks and eat chocolate. Any men that are reading can put the pillow fight fantasy away now ;)

I wouldn’t be so self conscious. I would love myself. I could wear my bathing suit and not be worried about how it looked on me.

I would enjoy the holidays with my family.

I would enjoy going on vacations and getaways.

I would have more energy to do more exciting things as opposed to watching so much TV.

I would be more assertive. I would give my opinion openly at work and around others and not let people use me as a doormat. I would tell people no if I really felt like it. I would still be kind and nice and want to help others, but I would respect myself enough to defend myself. I would confront people when they need to be confronted.

I would tell people that make fun of me exactly how their comments affect me and how it makes me feel towards them and my relationship with them even though it would be an awkward situation.

What would your dream world be without anxiety?

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Anonymous said...

Aimee, I am with you!!! I feel the exact same way.. I would be so great without anxeity.. I used to be.. Take Care Linda

Ben said...

I think it's good for us to know what our ideal world would look like so that we know where we'd like to end up. That way we can tell if the direction we're heading is right or not. It was fun for me to think about what my ideal world would look like.

Aimée said...

Ben, I am curious to know what your ideal world would look like...

Anonymous said...

My ideal world would very much resemble yours. :) The part I have the most difficulty with is telling people what I honestly feel, in a supportive and loving way, even if it might hurt their feelings. I wish I could do that.

I am excited to say that most of the things in my life are, now, ideal. I have been working hard at it for the last 7 years, and the Zoloft is,I think, the final touch. I used to think if only I could reduce my fear by 50%.. I think the Zoloft has reduced it probably by about 60%. I would like more now! LOL

I even have girlfriends now, first time since High School! And we might go hang out just to hang out in a couple weeks. Wow! Every day I wake up amazed at myself, and how far I have come. :) No one who hasn't been through SA can really understand how amazed I am at myself. ;)

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