Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How To Gain Confidence- Express Yourself Creatively!

I don't have very much time to post today so I decided I would leave this quick thought:

I know that the biggest reason I have social anxiety issues is due to a lack of confidence in myself. I've mentioned this before but since its so constant in my mind I will mention it again. One way I am trying to overcome that is to pick up hobbies that I like that allow me to express myself creatively. This not only allows me to be proud of myself and what I have accomplished- but I feel it also gives me a sense of depth as a person, and it helps to define who I am in small ways. Also, it seems to relieve stress for me. Maybe it can do all of that for you too.

So one of my latest hobbies is photography. I also love to scrapbook, play the piano, blog (yes I consider it a form of creativity and expression) and I am sure I will pick more up along the way. I don't claim to be a professional at any of them but it is very fun. Here are some recent pictures I have taken with my new camera I got for my anniversary:

These above are a couple pics of my newest nephew that I took while babysitting.

Here is a combination of 6 pictures taken at different settings and then meshed using an HDR program. Just playing around to see how it works.

Here is a closeup of a flower using a macro filter

Anyway, if you haven't found anyway to express yourself you should. You don't have to be good at it. I am a beginner at pretty much everything I do, but it still brings me a sense of accomplishment and worth to look back and see my progress. Some ideas for hobbies are:

  • photography
  • sports (water sports, team sports, etc)
  • sewing/knitting
  • carpentry work (woodwork)
  • scrapbooking
  • writing
  • painting
  • gardening/ landscaping
  • videography
  • skateboarding/ longboarding
  • training for marathons or races
  • creating webpages
  • dancing
  • RC racing
  • play a musical instrument
  • sing
The list could go on and on! Now that I have shared one of my hobbies- what do you guys do to express yourself?

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E said...

Nice pix!

I totally agree with the idea that creative endeavors are a way to relieve stress. My thinking is that you get so absorbed in what you're doing when you're in the creative moment that everything else drops away. Same thing can happen when you're playing sports -- I remember Michael Jordan talking about being in "the zone" on some nights, and to me that means times when you're so as one with what you're doing that your thinking brain is at rest and you're acting pretty much on instinct.

meow said...

Just found your blog...

I have been taking pictures too and trying to express myself creatively--amazing how much we all have in common. Thanks for saying too that you can do something but not necessarily have to be good at it. I love to draw, but my drawings look like a third grader. It's a good reminder that I don't have to be perfect or amazing to be capable of doing something I enjoy. Cheers!

Dave B. said...

Firstly, you're really handy with that camera -- great pics!

I also agree that having a creative outlet can be helpful for relieving stress. I love writing and blogging, and I play guitar a bit. I also love photography but never seem to get around to doing it. I have a nice digital camera but forget to take it out with me. I'd love to try my hand at painting, as well. One day I plan to take a class. I've said that for years, though, and suspect it'll never happen.

One thing I can't do is team sports. I'm always too afraid of letting down the team. And I don't like people watching me do stuff.

Take care,

Aimée said...

Lindsay, welcome to the blog!

Dave, I totally agree with you on the team sports come to think about it. I don't like others watching me cause I do everything like a girl and I am not very good. Good point.

Eric, I never thought of it like that- a way for your thinking brain to go on autopilot. That makes sense since I don't seem to even get a break from it at night. Thanks for the comment.

ShamWOW! said...

Agreed wholeheartedly, of course. It's pretty much the subject of my whole blog, haha. Now I have new contributor to talk about those pesky technical details for me!

Your photography's pretty nice.

What HDR program are you using? I've been trying out PhotoMatrix and I think I finally figured out how to use it properly. There's an art to it. I usually only combine two images, though. Six...well, yeah, that might be a little better! duh! I'll try that next time.

Good work on the blog, as always.


Aimée said...

Thanks D! Your photography is leaps and bounds ahead of mine but its still fun to try. I am barely learning about all the techie stuff like aperture settings, shutter speed, etc. "Barely" meaning last night and today. So I am excited to try out some new stuff. I too am using Photomatix Pro 2.5 for the HDR stuff. I took one photo and manually changed the settings on it and saved them so there would be 6 in the end. I've only done it once but it can be so cool with the right photo I think.

ShamWOW! said...

Well, I took up photography when I was 22, so I've been at it a while. Most all of my experience is with film and it's a LOT different than digital. Just in the last few months have I really gotten the hang of digital photography. You've learned the most important aspect: every frame needs photoshop. Rarely does the photo come out of the camera looking good. The same is true of film, but in the past a color lab would fix everything before you got your prints back. If you want to hone your photography skills, try getting a manual focus camera and shooting slide film. You'll get really good in a hurry.

But yours look good already. The only thing I can see wrong in the HDR is the blown out highlight in the sky. I'm guessing that's where the sun was? Tough situation to be in photographically. You made the best of it. It's interesting how the Photomatrix handled it.

If you don't know about it already, is a great place for learning about photography.

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend yoga classes. Especially heated ones. I just really relax physically and mentally. I also push myself to do things further than I would otherwise. This makes me feel really good inside. It's a fun challenge that makes me feel like I'm doing something for myself to evolve my mind and body.

I think also putting affirmations and positive reinforcements around you, For example, I know someone that puts a vision board or even just sticky notes around the house/apartment with these encouraging comments. So you see them all the time and then think of them. Maybe even say them out loud. I've caught myself doing that a bit lately. When I catch myself in a negative thought about myself, I stop and say something positive about myself.

I've gone through some tough situations lately and it's been a constant struggle to stay positive and not be a downer. But I know it's counter productive and toxic and I certainly don't want to do that. I want to feel great and emote positive energy. I want to exude confidence, focus, determination, and a can do attitude.

Lastly, reading personal growth books that encourage and inspire me help so much as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to be negative, but how does engaging in a hobby build self confidence when placed in social situations? Seems to me most of the hobbies mentioned are anti-social activities that focuses on the self.

It's hard to feel and act confident in social settings when you're a fat, ugly mess. No amount of construction paper or arts and crafts will remove that problem...

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