Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Morning Anxiety

picture of my backyard at 6 am

This morning I woke up early with a strong sensation of anxiety again. I tried to fall back asleep and ignore it but it kept waking me up every 5 minutes. I was so grateful when my alarm went off and I knew I could start the day and shake it off. I saw one of my affirmations on my bathroom mirror and that perked my spirits a bit. It still wears on me though. I didn't eat very much for breakfast today, and I feel tired from having such a disrupted night's sleep. I found a link to a really cool article on another blogger's site about Morning Anxiety and I want to try to implement a couple of it's suggestions to try to eliminate my morning anxiety.

One thing I definitely need to improve on is getting ready for the morning the night before. I am always late to work and that wouldn't happen as often if I knew ahead of time what I was going to wear, etc.

Something I could aspire to is waking up earlier and doing yoga before I go to work instead of after work. In reality I know I don't have the commitment I would need to actually do that, but it sounds nice :) I'll think about that one some more, and maybe try it out for a little while.

This article also makes me want to buy new bed linens and I have a great excuse to do so! IKEA here I come!

I might also look into getting a little notebook to leave by the bed so when I wake up with those feelings I can jot down whatever it is that I am thinking.

Its good to know that I have already implemented some of the suggestions such as the positive affirmations. Those really seem to help me shake off any anxiety so that it is manageable, maybe at a level 2 on the anxiety scale or below. Those have made the biggest difference for me out of all the lifestyle changes that I have made.

I wonder if one reason I have morning anxiety is because of my anticipatory anxiety about starting the day all over.

UPDATE: Some additional and even more helpful posts on Morning Anxiety as I have continued to work through it: 

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Ben said...

Hmmmm... are you sure you are always late to work? What does that make me if your car is always there before mine? And you have 3 times the commute.

Anonymous said...

I also have a lot of morning anxiety and I learned to get up, have something to eat, take a shower, put my makeup on etc. Sometimes if my blood sugar is low in the AM I will feel shaky so I just take care of ME first. Great blog!

Aimée said...

Hi Michelle and welcome! I grew up for a long time thinking my blood sugar was the reasoning behind the feelings I had because my dad is diabetic. All the tests I took showed I wasn't hypoglycemic or diabetic so it was another dead end for me. Do you have one of those?

Anonymous said...

I've been dealing with morning anxiety for over 15 years. I always have to have sometime of morning routine to get my mind off of the nausea and nasty thoughts. My new routine is this site. I read it about 10 or 15 minutes before I start my day, and before I know it, I'm fine and ready for the day, rather than crawling back into bed and giving up on the day. Thanks so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Hate it

Anonymous said...

You guys should consider getting blood tests done at the doctors to see if you have any deficiencies in the various vitamins.

In particular, check out Vitamin D,
Vitamin B12, B6. Iron, Folate and testosterone.

A deficiency in any of the above are known to cause fatigue.

I, myself suffered unknowingly from B12 anemia and always woke up with anxiety and really tired.
At one point, I slept for 20 hours a day.

Eventually I got blood tests which led to a diagnosis of B12 Anemia, Vitamin D deficiency and Testosterone deficiency and have been given treatment for all of them. Now, I feel miles better and sleep 10-12 hours a day.

I am still a little anxious when I wake up but nothing compared to what I used to.

I am only just starting to refill my supply of the said vitamins (where applicable).

I still plan to get blood tests for Vitamin A (as I have asthma),
Vitamin E and Vitamin B6.

All worth checking out.
I also recommend Solgar L-theanine as a mild relaxant.

:-) cheers

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