Thursday, June 7, 2007

Absolutely Unapologetically Thin

Most of my pictures from my blog comes from the Flickr website I came across an amazing picture of a torso of a woman with the words "Unapologetically Thin" on it. (Click here to see the pic) I am trying to get the woman who took the picture to let me display it on my blog and I will add it if she does. What I loved in addition to the picture itself was her comments to go with it. Here they are, from hd connely:
"There's no doubt that weight is a constant topic of conversation in this world these days and in reaction to growing concerns about weight and health, I've found myself the target of amazingly insensitive and absolutely unasked for commentary about my being thin.'s my response. I'll say it and I'll move on.

Am I a product of genetics? Is my weight a symptom of another health issue? Should it matter to you? Does it affect you in any way?

I've never told anyone they needed to look more like me or for that matter, less like themselves.

This goes out to those who make comments in my presence about how unattractive thin folks are. This goes out to the woman at the grocery store who made a scene when I picked up fat-free the nurse at my doctor's office who told me to eat more "fried 'taters" everyone who takes it upon themselves to offer "helpful" advice on an issue that is absolutely none of their business.

This also goes out to everyone who has tried to conceal their disgust for my weight in "concern". I can spot the difference between genuine concern and projection of your own issues from a mile away...because I've had more than my share of practice at it. I shouldn't have to defend myself against your insults. I admit I've been deeply hurt by your words, but you will no longer get that kind of power in my life.

Long story short...
Love yourself. Love your body. Own your issues. Be a bit more compassionate and a bit more aware of your own actions."

Wow! That impressed me. I am a very soft spoken, non assertive person that avoids confrontation at all costs. I know that I could never be so bold myself, but she nailed it as to how I feel sometimes. Many times I admit I imagine the judgments but there have been many real ones that got me to where I am today that were not imagined. I wish I could be more confident, so unapologetic as she is. I love how she respects herself the way she is and says "Screw everyone who doesn't like it!" lol. I hope that I can become braver and take a small bit of her attitude with me.

So these two pictures here are my attempt- my bold- my unapologetic, I love my skinny body, so there- attitude!


Unknown said...

That *Is* you in the bikini, isn't it, Aimee? You are unbelievably gorgeous. I think you may very well be the prettiest girl I have ever met in person.
Love kRista

Anonymous said...

My apologies for not getting back to you about the photo sooner. Absolutely - feel free to post it!

Your words are beautiful and I'm deeply thankful my words/image have empowered you to post your images and thoughts too. I wish no one had to feel the way I have, but honestly it does make me feel better knowing I'm not the only one out there who has felt this way.

I'm a pretty soft-spoken girl myself (most the time), but years of frustration inspired that rant on flickr. Since posting it, I've finally learned to accept myself and realize that I don't have to apologize for who I am just to make others feel comfortable with their own bodies.

It's a great big world and there's room for all types of beauty...including ours.

You're gorgeous...own it, girl! :)


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