Friday, July 30, 2010

Warning: MY "Incessant Monologues" are "Hardly Interesting and Certainly not Helpful"

As I was checking my email today, I received a comment notification that someone left on the blog. I was shocked as I read it, and although its not flattering I decided to publish it anyway. I decided to post about it as opposed to replying in the comment section. Here is what the person said,
"My take on this site, incessant monologues and content:

ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, Me, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME.


Hardly interesting and certainly not helpful.

Yes, management of any condition is crucial and continual. But until you address the underlying events and sources....forget it.

Your daily doodlings and cake talk are a disservice as the fake smiles and cute fonts mask any acknowledgment of underlying issues. It's denial in my opinion.

Yes, affirmations are great. Coping mechanisms are great. Some therapies are great. Anything that helps and is healthy is a positive direction.

What concerns me is your self branded character is simply that, unsubstantiated unvalidated diary entries making lite of a real medical condition.

This site should be renamed: "MY reality of MY anxiety".

Any person in search of real data and hopeful of achieving real results (founded on medical data and empirical research) should avoid this site.

Really? Seriously?

I am all for reviews and comments, good or bad, but this was a bit on the harsh side on my opinion. I guess I was under the impression that people who suffer from social anxiety was more sensitive to the feelings of others, but I guess this is not always the case. Rather than let this ruin what was starting out to be a good day, I have decided to leave my thoughts on this and then forget about it and move on.

Let me explain what I believe this site is so as to not confuse anyone. This site is a BLOG. A blog as stated by is "an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page." Of course this is not a site strictly about the medical aspect of anxiety although I do dabble in that at times. There are PLENTY of medical websites out there and I am not a doctor. I post journal like entries, about me, because that's all I can speak for. I am not about to tell you how you feel or what your symptoms are. I try to provide personal experiences that other people can relate with and hopefully learn from my mistakes or my successes. Its a place to draw inspiration, motivation, information, and mainly SUPPORT.

This site is a place that I spend a lot of time and therefore I like to make it a place that is comfortable and uplifting. I want it to be different from all the formal looking medical websites that are out there because again, its a BLOG.

I have learned in life that no matter how hard you try, you cannot please everyone and someone out there isn't going to like you.

Anyway, I could go on but I don't think it would do any good. In other news, I quit blogging for because I didn't like how neglected this site had become. Hopefully I'll be able to post more interesting and helpful blog posts in the future.



amy said...

First let me say that I happen to really like your site. I have followed it for quite some time. I love to hear what works for YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU! With anxiety, it's always comforting to hear about OTHER people and how they cope with THIER own anxiety.

So, to say this blog is a ME, ME, ME blog...that's true, that's helpful to ME and that's the way most blogs are. MY blog is the same way, it's 99.9% about ME, ME, ME and how I am dealing with the struggles in MY life.

Whomever left this comment clearly put some thought into their post. However, it is the wordiest and rude comment.

"Unsubstantiated unvalidated diary entries"...REALLY?? How in the world do YOU know this? I'm certain Aimee can validate HER diary entries, as they are how SHE felt and how SHE dealt with different situations in HER life.

And as we say in the blogging world...if you don't like MY blog, move on :)

Thank you Aimee for taking the time that you have to contribute to the education, well-being, recovery and concern of those that have a genuine interest in YOUR blog!



Meredith said...

Amy- I can not even believe that someone would write something like that. I really love your blog and hearing about you! When my anxiety flared up in Oct, reading your blog really helped me get through a tough time. It was nice to see another young mom going through the same thing as me, and I thought your tips were VERY helpful. Please don't let someones rude comments discourage you. I think the person who wrote that must be feeling down on themselves and looking to make someone else feel bad too. I think if that person doesn't like your blog than it is there loss, and they shouldn't read it then!!!! Just know that there are a whole lot of people out there who love reading about you, and I hope those comments didn't get to you!!!

Laura said...

Aimee, I can't express in words how much your blog has helped me. I've been on to medical sites and I never stick around for long, yet your site is different, it is personal, it is about you and that is exactly what I like about it.

When I first read about you it gave me hope, I realised that having anxiety didn't mean I couldn't live a happy life. Sure, some things are a little more challenging but day by day I am learning more and coping better.

You are a beautiful and smart individual that has helped so many people. Keep doing what you are doing you are an absolute inspiration. You inspired me to start my own blog and since then I have not looked back.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Aimee, your blog has helped me in so many ways...I tend to get very anxious and sometimes go into full-blown panic attacks when I am at work, which is extremely stressful and embarrassing because I work as a mental health therapist. But I have high expectations of myself and after having recently lost someone to cancer, I started becoming depressed and felt like I couldn't do my work as a therapist, which then brought on the anxiety and panic attacks. When I found your blog, I felt so much relief to read about a REAL person dealing with anxiety. It is now in my "Favorites" and it's the FIRST place I go when I am at work and start feeling anxious or on the brink of a panic attack. I come here before I even take Ativan, LOL! So thank you for being WHO YOU ARE, because you have truly been a hero to me for so courageously blogging about your struggles. And also, if not for the cute fonts, I wouldn't have been so drawn to your site. I think it is beautifully done and it makes me feel happy to see the fun colors and whimsical fonts!

snobby brit said...

Aimee - I think there is a mere misunderstanding of what you are trying to achieve. This person does not understand that through your blogging you are helping other women, I already expressed to you that to see a beautiful young woman suffering from the same issues as I makes me feel better. That I am not the 'crack pot' in the room, that I am not 'abnormal', just differently challanged. And whilst we all have our own paths to tread, and situations to manage, it is sometimes reassuring just to know we do not have this burden on our own. There are many people who do not understand the Panic conditions and many who don't understand why you can't just 'pull it together' which adds to the pressure. Its nice to know that there are normal people who do understand because in their own normal lives they experience these issues too. Do not get disheartened you are greatly appreciated. Abi x

Shar said...

I don't have anxiety, but I love reading your experiences because it helps me to be more understanding of others and to know you better as my friend. The blogging world is all about sharing your own experiences, and I think you're doing a great job! love your blog and love you!

Anxiety Girl said...

Hi Aimee,

I second all the wonderful support you're receiving from this post! Do you feel the love?

Keep up the good work you're doing -- the rest of us really enjoy hearing about your experiences -- they are real, honest and help others feel like we're not alone on this journey.

Kristin :)

Aimée said...

Thanks to everyone who has left such warm loving emails and comments. I really shouldn't have let one bad review make me forget all of your thoughts and emails that you have left me over time. THANK YOU for your support! I appreciate everyone of you! <3

Mel said...

Aimee, I have to second the comments I've read here. This blog has helped me better understand anxiety, the effects it can have, and different approaches for managing anxiety. It's my go-to site when I'm feeling anxious and many of the ideas you've mentioned (such as positive affirmations) have made a difference in my life. You're right in that you can't please everyone - but you've pleased and helped me. Thank you!

Wendy Lady said...

I just found your blog, but I've spent the last few hours (at work, don't tell!) reading through it from the beginning. It has been amazingly helpful to me to hear about someone else's experience with anxiety. Anxiety has made me feel totally alone, like no one understands me or what I'm going through. Medical sites don't help. Boring statistics and facts don't help. But hearing someone's personal story helps tremendously.

Thank you so much for being honest on your blog, it means a lot to me to see that I'm not alone in this.

Claude said...

I believe anxiety is characterized by overwhelming self concerned streams of thoughts. It is a huge misunderstanding to blame anxious people to be self concerned. It is like telling a diabetic to give up thinking about sugar ! Self concern is at the core of anxiety. Therapists help anxious people by having them speak out their worries and self concerned thoughts. I cannot image any BLOG discussing anxiety from the perspective of an anxious person that would not have a large amount of self considerations.

Aimée, you do marvelous work here. You should be very proud.

Anonymous said...

Aimee --
Your approach to "M" is perfect. You shouldn't give him or her a second thought. Your blog and knowing I was not only not alone in this, but that beautiful, sharp, talented people suffer from this, helped me at a time when I NEVER thought I'd feel better again. Please continue to share your journey. You are blessing many lives.


Anonymous said...

I have followed this site for some time now because your story is so close to mine. It's been a great comfort to understand that I'm not alone. Keep up the good work.

Paul Dooley said...

Hi Aimee, I think your doing a great job and you help people precisely because you open up about your own struggles with anxiety.

I know these comments can sting, but trust me you have nothing to feel bad about. Keep up the great work.


Jolie said...

Keep up the good work. Clearly this person has choices, and he could have moved on from your site. It has been a big help for me.

Anonymous said...

If I wanted medical advice I would go to a professional. Online medical data can be downright dangerous. A blog provides a narrative, not a claim to empirical truth. It lets us compare experiences and find solace in the fact that there are others who share in our struggles.

Keep up the good work. You are brave for sharing your experiences.

Drops of Sunshine said...

I have to say I am happy to see your blog. I have one myself talking about me me me because it helps ME think about the times I have over come my anxiety and remind me how I deal with it. I hope that by sharing it it would give inspiration to the people who read it seeing that yes I had a bad day but I'm still here I got through it. I can deal with it.

That's how I feel when I read yours. It's inspiring to read that someone feels the same way and it helps to see how others deal with it.

The Desk Of Susie said...

Oh my, I have to say, I have been very impressed with what you have done. I have been stalling about a blog because I was so concerned about the Me, me me factor. But truth is, look how far you have come! Everyone has to sell themselves , thats a Me thing. Everyone has something to sa yand many ARE interested and appreciate the sharing.
This blog is a major accomplishment! What has THAT person done or accomplished? Ive learned you have to ignore those who prefer to bring you down when you succeed. YOU are succeeding at creating and accomplishing! This blog is a big deal. You have done great work not only with writings but your affiliate programs and your etsy approach also the design...very creative. There is a lot of negativity on the web cuz you cant see their faces.
One time I sold something on ebay and we were conversing back and forth. I accidentally posted her phone number, it was an accident that I forgot to "tick" the private button. She began to shout at me via the email correspondence like a crazy person. I decided to CALL her on that phone line and confront in a very nice manner to apologize...she changed her tune completely. Funny isnt it?

Anonymous said...

Listen, there are just some nasty people in this world. They have nothing better to do than go around the internet and make others feel bad. You have to ask why someone would take the time to even write something like that? Because the intent is to hurt you. Let it go. Your blog is awesome.

Krista said...

Hey Aimee- don't listen to the hatas. Anyone who has a problem with your fonts, of all things, doesn't understand chicks, and certainly doesn't get you. Since I am in mother bear mode, I will point out that the mean commenter is some sad sack that lives in their mom's basement, and never comes out for sunshine. (S)he is just jealous that you are such a gorgeous sexy beast with everything together. You help yourself and others. This commenter wallows instead and makes sure everyone knows what her damage is. What a loser. You my darlin girl, carry on and don't listen to the naysayers.

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