Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm Being Followed by a Moon Crater!

Do you remember in junior high when you would get that one extremely large pimple on your face and it would destroy your self esteem? You couldn't look anyone in the eye and tried at all costs to cover the spot with your hand. It felt like a huge spotlight was on it  and everyone was laughing at you. My brothers and sisters would taunt each other singing "You're being followed by a moon crater, moon crater, moon crater!" to the Moonshadow song.

TMI ALERT! if you are easily grossed out, you may not want to keep reading.
I have been blessed with this special gift I like to call forced humility even now when I am 27 years old. Occasionally I will get a nickel sized infection on my chin that scabs over like a cut or cold sore would and takes a week or two to go away. Nothing makeup can cover though I try heaven knows. I've only had it about three times over the last ten years but each time I get it, I think I am either really stressed or my immune system is down. But when I get it, oh man do I feel so embarrassed. It's hard enough to deal with social situations without the additional worries!

Well this last week I got it. Just in time for when my whole family came to town. I couldn't stop thinking about what I would say to them when they asked me what it was. I went over my medical explanation over and over on the drive to meet them. It makes me feel to some degree like a leper must have felt. When I showed up and greeted everyone, I surprisingly veered way off my planned course and just announced to everyone that I was aware of the invasion on my face and they shouldn't be alarmed or something similarly sarcastic. My sisters laughed and told me they didn't even notice it nor would have if I hadn't pointed it out, nor did they care. I guess now that we are older the moon crater song has been forgotten. But I felt better because it was out in the open and I didn't have to try to hide it or explain it or worry whether people had noticed. I could relax a bit more and try not to think about it.

I've decided to look at it like I mentioned earlier. As an opportunity to be humbled and as a reminder to not judge those around me so critically.

Anyone else ever have these humbling teaching moments?

On a side note, I have the best readers ever. Its so silly that I could get so worked up over one lousy comment when there are so many other wonderful people out there that are looking out for me everyday. Thank you to everyone that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside when I really needed it. I hope I can someday return the favor.



Krista said...

I haven't visited your site in awhile and this post made crack up so hard- I remember singing I'm being followed by a moon crater with Tara in the bathroom once when we were both afflicted and had decided we weren't going to school, we couldn't face anyone!! Aimee, you are the best.

Unknown said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and must say I like the post very much. I also write about self-esteem and anxiety. Go on with this good work that helps people on their way.

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