Thursday, January 1, 2009

Warm Welcome to 2009

Oh News Year Day is so wonderful. A fresh clean slate, a new year where anything and everything is possible. I love the feeling of getting a do-over. Getting to try again judgment free. And I have a lot that I need to do- over. Missed birthdays for example. I am THE WORST at remembering people's birthdays.

Although I must admit 2008 was pretty amazing for me. I started my family and that has changed so much for me. For Christmas I wanted to start some family traditions of my own, and incorporate some that I grew up with. We always had a formal Christmas Eve dinner where we got the nice dishes out and had the same favorite family recipes. Would you believe it that I actually threw a nice formal dinner and invited some guests over to share it with? Its like I was asking for the anxiety to be in my life! Sure I got anxious a little before they came over because cooking all day had made me not very hungry and I felt like there was so much food to eat. And they arrived before I could really prepare myself for the anxiety. But I just told myself to take it slow and only eat what I wanted to and I made it through. I don't want anxiety to control my life and not allow me to do the things that I feel are important. I believe thats its important to not avoid the things that may trigger panic attacks, but learn to manage your anxiety instead so you can live your life to the fullest.

Every year I make quite the list of New Year's Resolutions. I have maybe 5-7 different ones in all aspects of my life (spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, home improvements, etc.) It seems that a lot of the same ones make it onto the list each year but I usually tackle a few of them. And I think its good to reevaluate your life every once in awhile anyway.

"Reality is a reflection of the inner self." -Leza Danly, Founder of Lucid Living

My dad writes self help books for Sales People and in one of them he talks about making and keeping goals. He says that its so important to write them down somewhere and leave them where you will see them often. I agree. Out of site, out of mind, right?

CNN posted this video today about how to keep your New Year's Resolutions:

So I am curious. What are your New Year Resolutions regarding your mental health? I'll share some of mine as the video above mentions to get your family and friends involved:

  • Do yoga at least once a week or some form of meditation
  • Continue to blog as often as I can or have something worthwhile to say and network with other anxiety sufferers/learn from them
  • Continue developing my talents to boost my confidence and self esteem.


Robert said...

A happy new year to you! Marie & I don't make new year resolutions. In fact Marie doesn't make ANY resolutions, while I make them when the time is right.

Best wishes

Doug said...

I recently wrote in my blog that my resolution is to find more joy in life, even when anxiety drags me down. Essentially, I'll "eat more cake." :)

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