Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Look What I Got for Christmas!

I sent Santa Clause my wishlist in December and I must have been a good girl. In my stocking I found this:


Can you believe how expensive this is for one DVD? I couldn't justify buying it so that's why I asked Santa for it. I was tired of the same 4 episodes on my DVR and it wasn't playing any new ones. I also got this to help me drink more water and use it at the gym:

I recently hurt my tailbone by being my usual clumsy self, so I have been hesitant to try the yoga out. But my body stress levels have been getting higher and I knew I needed to do something to decompress. So today I braved through and just had to take it easier on some poses. So refreshing. I love it.

Did Santa bring you anything for Christmas to help you out with your anxiety related goals? Did you make any New Year's resolutions to better your current mental or physical health?



Unknown said...

Hope you enjoy the DVD! If you are ever looking for a great Yoga/Meditations closing check out "Reflections in the Light" by Shakti Gawain. Some really AMAZING choice words. Wishing you an anxious-less year ahead!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aimée and thank you for your wonderful posts, reading your blog has helped me a lot with understanding my anxiety, especially my morning anxiety which bothers me a lot this time of year.
My resolutions for this year is doing some kind of exercise or movement everyday, even though it's just a walk with the dog. I just purchased a months pass for Tai chi lessons and I also enjoy swimming very much. Other days I like doing Yoga at home or dancing like a maniac by myself in the bedroom :)

I hope you enjoy your DVD!
All the best

Natural Anxiety Treatment said...

Hi i have read that yoga and tia chi are very good natural anxiety treatment.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Aimee,

I get anxiety late at night and it's really hard to sleep sometimes. I have also tried Yoga and it's working.

Chris said...

I am currently doing Bikram yoga (hot yoga) and it really helps my anxiety. Bikram might not be your cup of tea, but from my experience, yoga does help.
Anxiety Attacks

Unknown said...

Hello, I really enjoyed this blog. I can relate to this 100%.. I get anxiety while driving and its the most overwhelming thing.

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