Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thinking about starting a Local Support Group

I get alot of emails from readers asking questions about certain aspects of their anxiety. I feel like I write novel length replies sometimes. Its like texting, sometimes its just easier to call the person instead of typing everything out.

This morning the idea struck me to start a local support group. Something where we can just get together to talk about how we are dealing with our anxiety, a place to find friends that share the same problems and offer support to each other.

Here are a few benefits of support group memberships:
Members become part of a collective voice.
The group is non-judgemental. This creates a safe environment for members to disclose their problems.

Members become more informed

Builds confidence for coping. Being able to discuss their circumstances enables members to look at how they cope, think about the advantages and disadvantages associated and adapt their coping strategies.

Development of skills.

Improved communication

I've done a little research and have only found one local support group in Provo, Utah which for me is a good 45 minutes away. So I am thinking about starting one in the Salt Lake area. Although from what I have read they say its good to get a few people interested in starting one to form a little team as opposed to doing it on your own.

So two questions- if you live in the Salt Lake City Utah area, is this something you would be interested in attending, and if so, is this something you would want to help out with starting?

Just testing the waters...

If you would like to contact me as opposed to leaving a comment, you can email me here.



Anonymous said...

I'm in NYC. I wonder if there is a way to do this over Skype? That would be awesome!

Aimée said...

Oh that is such a great idea- love it! Ok let me do some more research to see if it can be an online thing.

Ash said...

I'd join an online group... message board type thing maybe?? (I'm in SC... i'm the one you emailed with last week ;)


Anonymous said...

Maybe we could do this online and have a bigger group. I do webinars online with people all over the world and you can talk through a mic and chat in a chat box.

Aimée said...

I am definitely leaning toward an online group. Its just that it costs money to get it set up and running and I'm not sure how I want to go about it yet. Would you guys be willing to pay a little to help it get set up or does that totally turn you off? I paid for an online forum once and there was no one that used it like I had hoped so I am a little hesitant to put the money into it unless I know there is some interest.

Anonymous said...

I'd pay a small fee as long it was a secure paying method. Some of us have paid lots of money for meds and therapy sessions...it's worth it to pay a small fee to have like minded people and possible new friends supporting each other.


Kelly said...

It's been a little while, so I wanted to check to see if you have made any progress in terms of an online venue?

Aimée said...

Hi Kelly, thanks for the feedback. I saw a commercial the other day for facebook merging with skype to create group video chats. I was so excited! I need to research a bit more on it but that sounds like it would be the best, especially if its free. Not sure when they will actually get it going. I'll keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

I think an online post would be a great addition, but I am wondering if you would still be interested in a group that meets? I feel that I can find a lot of support online, but you are right there is almost no support other than medical in the salt lake area. I feel that the getting out once a month/week or whatever and being around people who know what you are going through could be extremely helpful. Although I think to have such a group with online means of staying connected could be great. I may have some resources for getting a meet in person group started. Just post your email (I can't get to your email through the provided link) and I will get in touch.

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