Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An Exciting New Project

Something you may not know about me is that I save every email I get from readers of the blog. I think its nice to be able to read them every now and then when I am looking for support. My husband has told me over and over again that I should do something with the emails and comments from the blog so that I have a keepsake of them. I have used the company www.blurb.com to make photo books of my family in the past and I have loved them. So I thought I would copy the emails and comments into a book and print it out. As I started researching everything their site can do, I realized I could turn the entire blog into a book. This peaked my interest because I thought I could have a physical journal of my journey with anxiety as well as the blog. Then I thought if I was going to do all of this for myself, maybe their would be people out there who would be interested in a book as well.

So I am currently in the process of creating a book about The Reality of Anxiety. I started out with over 400 pages of information. I want to get it down to about 80, therefore it will consist of only the best of the blog- the hottest topics and most helpful for managing anxiety. This book will not contain the emails I get sent for privacy reasons. Due to copyright issues, I cannot copy everything I found from other places word for word, so it will be quite the project to go through and make everything ready for publishing. But I thought I would mention it now just to get a feel for the level of interest, plus any suggestions you may have of what you would like to see in it.

Its been really fun going back to the beginning to see how far I have come and all the information I have learned about anxiety. I feel that condensing the most useful information into a book will also be helpful for easy future reference since I know I will need it.

The funny thing is when I first started the blog my good friend Ben told me I should write a book and I laughed at him thinking he was crazy.

I don't know when it will be done, but I am working on it a little bit every day. Being the perfectionist that I am it could be awhile :) Perhaps I can try to get it done by this year's World Mental Health Day in October.

What do you think?



Patrick said...

This is such a great idea! Would be wonderful to read, and probably very good for you to go through all of the posts and look through your journey. Good luck!

EllieJay said...

A great idea! I have been using your blog to keep me going during the day and night as I have been experience bad anxiety lately. A book would be another resource, just another way to remind myself we are not alone out there! Good luck!

Kelly said...

I think a book written by an everyday person about anxiety is well over due. I could have used it 5 years ago for sure :) Whenever I share experiences with other people..there is always someone who tells me they have similar experiences or that they know someone who does. It's time to bring this portion of mental health out of the taboo closet!

Moshe Sharon said...

Anxiety or fretfulness is a persistent feeling of uneasiness over the unfolding of future events. On the one hand this can be good in that it provides us with motivation. The fear of being hungry and homeless provides the drive to go out to work. In such cases, when we see the paycheck and settle into a routine we usually calm down. On the other hand there are many for whom this apprehension persists regardless of the circumstances. This can be either specific, whereby there is an identifiable object of worry or nonspecific, for which there is no apparent reason for being so vexed. This level of discomfort is the opposite of trust and confidence. Thus the root cause of anxiety is in not understanding the relationship between us and our Creator. Even those who truly believe in the Almighty are unable to acknowledge that he is in control of all events and that everything that happens is for our good.

Fret said...

I'm a new reader, I just discovered this blog, and it's great! I think your book idea is a good one, I've been blogging in a personal blog for a decade now, and I would love to have all those posts in a hard copy book.

Right now I'm writing from the anxiety blog I just started, which is anonymous for various reasons I'm sure you understand. This is the first time I've written publicly about my anxiety problems, so it's nice to start slow.

Lindsey said...

This is a fantastic idea!!!! :D ... I just came across your blog, and I think it's wonderful!!!! I have GAD. I think a book from the perspective of someone with the disorder would be refreshing and humbling! Although from a dissociative perspective, some situations can be funny, but more importantly it's a serious disorder that signIficantly effects day to day life. I am 28 and I am married with two young kids. I'm not a fan of " workshops" but the Internet and blogging is more appealing to me. My hubby pointed me in your direction, and i thank him for that, and I thank you for your courage to create this blog! I wish you all the best in this project!

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