Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where's my Anti-Stress Calming Collar?


Here is what I just posted over at The Nitty Gritty of Anxiety:

I have a cat. Got her as a cute kitten but now she is a cat. This is the first one that I have ever owned. I am a big animal lover, but this cat has been testing my patience. She has issues with a quiet house. Anytime someone is sleeping, she can't stand it and starts meowing. She meows right outside my daughter's door when she is napping. Worse is every night when the family tries to sleep and the wee hours of the morning. Constantly meowing, loudly. She has food and water, access to the outside, access to any room she wants, lots of cat toys, two dogs to play with, but nothing keeps her quiet. On top of all that she's mean and bites or scratches you if you try to touch her. I am at my wits end, willing to try anything so I don't have to give her away.

Today I found and interesting product in the pet aisle. Its called an "Anti-Stress Calming Collar" and is designed to "safely and effectively calm cats". The box continues, "Ideal for stressful" and "unexpected situations". The collar contains pheromones that are supposed to naturally calm your pet cat. I bought it to try out for nighttime to see if it could help calm my uneasy cat so I can finally get a good night's sleep.
As I was reading the box I found myself thinking, "Where's my anti-stress calming collar?" Wouldn't it be great if someone invented a similar collar, like a bracelet for example to help you with anxiety? The boxes could read the same thing, "ideal for stressful and unexpected situations." Take it out before going to that party and tah-dah! You are anxiety free for the evening. Having a rough batch of morning anxiety? Slip it on when you first wake up and your day is suddenly much brighter.  It would be nice if there was a simple cure-all for our anxiety. Unfortunately we as humans are very complicated creatures and our minds are not so easily fooled.

Also unfortunate, the calming collar did nothing to stop my cats meowing problem. Have you ever tried a product claiming to cure anxiety only to have it not work?



expwoman said...

I took an herbal tincture for anxiety recommended by the acupuncturist I was seeing. Neither the tincture nor the acupuncture helped. Practicing doing what I fear has helped, with a therapist specializing in OCD, but it's hard, and a calming collar has an enticing appeal!

Alisa said...

Too bad it didn't work. I could totally use an anti-anxiety bracelet or necklace. Everytime I have a job interview I get soooo stressed out and deep breathing exercises just don't really do it. That would be a nice invention!

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Anonymous said...

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Pamela Sweet said...

I haven't tried anything for my anxiety that didn't work but an anti-anxiety collar (or pretty necklace) would be awesome! Oh, and I think your furry family member is lonely at night and might need a playmate.... :)

Cathi said...

Funny story. Humor is a good antidote for anxiety and stress.

I think that is one of the gifts of animals...their pure unconditional love and funny antics are great for everyday life as well as when life is stressful.

And, if you find one of thos collars for humans, that would be funny!



Anonymous said...

I suffered form anxiety and migranes for 6 years. three of which i was on xanex and lexapro. 3 months ago i reached my peak of having at least one panic attack every day. However there is a cure to anxiety and the cause is a hormone imbalance. I am a 33 year old male that had a testosterone level of 250. When my level should have been between 900 and 1400. After receiving testosterone pellet injection (time released) I have been anxiety free for 2 months. I encourage all anxiety, migrane, people with depression to look into hormone replacement therapy. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE....and you will love it again!!!

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