Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tah Dah! HealthyPlace TV Show On Demand!

Ok well I did the tv show at healthyplace.com and I think overall it went pretty well. I really hate seeing me on camera so it was a bit torturous to watch. Plus I am not a fan of the camera angle or the way I am talking- it doesn't look like me. But I know I am critical. Anyway, if you missed it here it is.



Anxiety Girl said...

Aimee - you look lovely & did such a great job sharing your experiences & information. Thanks for your courage!

The Blue Morpho said...

Hello Aimee: I very much enjoyed watching the show. You come over very well on video. Thanks for continuing to give all of us who suffer from anxiety an intelligent, thoughtful, and real human face.

I have such sympathy for your difficulties in group eating situations. My own combination of social anxiety and OCD's mean that group eating can be a strangely 'shameful' event. At any moment I might get served something I can't eat, and then dread all the questions and comments, and the fear, sometimes the reality, that I've offended the person who has made the food.

So I really resonate with your emphasis on support from close friends and family. The people with which we are totally honest, and who know and accept us unreservedly. I've also found support from various therapists to be invaluable - too bad you couldn't connect with a good one.

Looking forward to more great posts.

The Blue Morpho

MM said...

Why do you hate seeing yourself on camera? you lake great, very informative :)

liggy girl said...

That was great! I had to listen! I have struggled with anxiety/depression since 17 but before at as early as 3 I remember worrying. I'm so happy to have found you and your blog! I needed someone else to let me know I'm not crazy and that it's OK and will be fine. THANK YOU!!! xo

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