Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Few Good Stress Busters

Stress can be a killer, and I mean this literally. A stressful life leads to diseases like diabetes, strokes and cardiac arrests that could be fatal. All of us experience some level of stress at some time or the other, and the best way to deal with it temporarily is to take deep breaths and let the tension seep out of our bodies. The longer we brood, the more stressed we become, and this leads to headaches in the short run and other ills in the long. In order to avoid stress from ruling and thus ruining your life, make these simple tips a way of life:
· Holidays Help: If work is becoming too demanding and your senses cannot keep up, you’re going to end up being stressed day after day, no matter how well you sleep or how healthy you eat. The best antidote to this kind of stress is to take some time off and go on a well-earned vacation with a loved one or your family. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to face the daily grind once you’re back.
· Meditation Matters: Some people find that a few minutes of silence (or melodious music in the background) and thoughts of nothingness are good to rid your mind of the tension that swirls through your brain. This technique works well both immediately (when you feel the stress coming on) and as a daily relaxation routine (to unwind at the end of the day).
· Nature Nurtures: Beautiful sights and scenic pictures calm some people down, so take a walk in the park or admire the sunset on the beach when you’re stressed. Nature is both bountiful and beautiful and thus the perfect stress buster.
· Talking Tells: Call or meet a friend and pour your heart out. Sometimes, just talking about your troubles makes your heart seem lighter and serves to put the verve back in your step. A problem shared is a problem halved while a joy shared is one that’s doubled – that’s the beauty of friendship.
· Favorite Fun: Do what you like – it could be anything in the whole wide world, as long as it’s something you love. Do it each time you’re stressed or on a regular basis to prevent stress from getting to you. Either way, it’s quality time just for yourself.
· Workout Wonders: Exercise helps keep both your body and mind healthy. A good workout, a session of yoga or Tai Chi, or a game of a sport that you enjoy release feel-good endorphins in your brain that relax and rejuvenate your worn-out and stressed mind.
The key to a happy and peaceful life is to get the better of stress before it gets the better of you.

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Paul Dooley said...

Great tips on how to cope with anxiety. I think people forget that in order to manage anxiety effectively you have to DO things. This is a great list of free and effective ways to start the healing process.


Nick Hanlon said...

I agree, these are great strategies for helping us keep a healthy mind. These things really make a difference in terms of helping us feel motivated, on top of life and in control. They are ways of looking after ourselves and that alone is important.

I've not read the rest of your blog yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

I agree, Meditation works wonders ad does exercise.... I find exercise to work well when anxiety starts to set in.

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