Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spammers Ruin Everything

Unfortunately because of an increase in spammers leaving bogus comments on the blog, I have had to take the dreaded step of adding word verification to the comments. I hate having to do that on other people's blogs, so I apologize that I am asking you to do it as well. I only want your amazing feedback, ideas, suggestions and questions and I don't want to dilute the content with unwanted spam. If it turns out that the comments really start to suffer from this then I will reverse it and just keep manually deleting the spam as it appears.

For those that don’t know what the heck I am talking about, what this means is that when you leave a comment from now on, it will ask you to type in some letters/ numbers in a box first to make sure you are a human and not some spam. It only takes a few seconds to do, but it is an annoyance that I wish we didn’t have to do.

** Update- 5/7/08: Also another annoyance is when people leave comments that are simply to sell something they are promoting. They don't leave anything valuable except a few words and a link. If someone wants to promote their product on my site, they can email me with permission and I can look into it for them. But if comments are left that are just advertisements in disguise then they will be deleted.

If you are a blogger that has a relevant post to the topic and would like to leave a link to your post with some valuable feedback that is different and I don't mind you sharing your thoughts on the subject, in fact I would encourage it. Its just the sales tactics of products that bother me. **

I really do appreciate all of the thoughtful comments you leave so please don't let this distract you from sharing in the future.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it. Those irritating spammers have spoil the good intent of online websites. If only everyone respect everyone's online property and not spam it with nonsense...Good and genuine comments are always welcome

Unknown said...

i never really thought of myself having any kind of angsity. in fact i feel like a very healthy person... until i find myself alone. i am not sure what to think of myself so i want to explain my story to someone that knows more about angsity then i do. when i was 7 my mom got into a car accident, i was with her. she was almost killed, i got out without a scratch on me. my mom of course was sent to the hospital and i was taken away by my grandparents for about two months. she maid a full recovery and we were rejoined. but everyday that she went out all i could do was cry, knowing in my hart that she would not come back, but she always did. i have gotten better but when left alone i still get the "tapped in a box" felling, i try to talk to any of my friends or i just sit in front of a reflection so i feel less alone. its not that i don't like myself, i really do, i just cant handle being alone. but i feel the urge to somehow learn to just be happy by myself is health and has always been a goal of mine. do you have any ideas how i might help myself be happier and panic less while being alone? and if not thank you for reading about me anyway.
-Jordan @

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