Monday, October 1, 2007

A Case of Stolen Identity Blog Style

It has come to my attention that there is a website out there that automates all of my content onto their website. Now normally I love links back to my site or when someone mentions a post I did or reposts one of my posts on their blog. However this isn't anything like that. This website just takes whatever post I have done and posts it as their own on their website with ads everywhere so they are making money off of my blog. That bothers me because I don't have ads on this blog and if anyone should be making money off my content it should be me.

So why am I bothering all of you with this? Because I cannot get this person to stop, so I am hoping that they will see this post when they steal it and get the hint. I have emailed everyone I know of to try to stop them but I haven't heard back from anyone. Not even Google who is sponsoring her ads has responded to my 2 emails I sent them.

The website in question is If you are currently on this website and viewing my content, I would urge you to check out the real thing, cause it is much better. My website is at

I don't want to dwell too much on this as it deters from the real focus of this blog, but I felt a post was necessary to try to get the word out.

In the future if anyone wants to use my content, I don't mind a link back or a repost (I encourage them in fact), but reposting all of my new content daily is a problem.

Has anyone else ever had this kind of problem? I know Debaser has and luckily he was able to get a hold of Google to stop it. Unfortunately this person's personal email address generated nothing, isp service was unreachable, and I am at a dead end.

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ShamWOW! said...

Well, they deleted my blog by mistake. Isn't that nice?

Dave B. said...

That sucks. Bill Gates should invent a button that allows you to blast ten million volts of electricity through the phone line to this person's computer.

I clicked on his link but it didn't open. Maybe he's dropped you and moved on.

How on earth did you find out about it?


Leila V. said...

I'm with SA Dave, how did you find out about this? That's not cool. But you do have good content, so I could see why they'd want to lift it.

Aimée said...

Oh D I am sorry they deleted your blog. Nice domain name- congrats on going solo!

SA D and Leila v- I use feedburner to host my blog feeds (the free version) and they have a place where you can see any "uncommon use" on your feeds. This listed the site and how many views its getting. I love feedburner, it has lots of cool tools to help you.

Anyway, I looked today to see if they copied this post and wouldn't you know it, they only listed the title which they filled with anxiety keywords to drag people there, but didn't have any content from this post. I wonder why. I would do research on yours just in case.

ShamWOW! said...

I found out about mine through technocrati. There you can see what pages are linking to you, and since I had some links in my entries that linked to other entries or other parts of the blog, that's how I caught it. They were just ripping the entire code, so any links I had in the stories were still pointing back to my site.

Google/Blogger restored my blog, and I'm still using them to host. The new domain is just a domain and that's it.

That's interesting about feedburner. I've never used them. A lot of these services confuse me, haha.

Good luck with getting yours taken down. Since yours is on that foreign server it's going to be more difficult, but not impossible.

You should publish the woman's e-mail address and all of your readers can spam her in the mean time. I suggest sending out huge attachments. Porno movies. Songs. Whatever.

Robert said...

If there's any way that I/we can help you to get rid of this pest (obviously trying to make money from your posts), please advise

Sherril said...


This ProBlogger guy tells how to keep this from happening:

Thank you for alerting me to the possibility before it happened to me. So sorry it had to happen to you.


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