Thursday, September 13, 2007

Question Box

I want to base as many posts as possible on real questions from readers. So - the ‘question box’ is open.

This posting is going straight to my sidebar as an ongoing conversation. It is my question box, where anyone at anytime can ask me a question about anxiety or stress or anything related to Mental Health. Although I am not a physician, I will do my best to help you with whatever questions you have on the subject, or otherwise find someone who is better qualified to answer it for me. Maybe its medication related, or ways to reduce stress, you name it. Ask away. I will respond here in the comments section but will also do posts on the topic if appropriate. Any topic is fine - but I’ll of course give priority to those that are on topic to this blog. So fire away, I am looking forward to seeing what the Reality of Anxiety community comes up with.

Note: If you don’t want your name/blog to be linked to your question feel free to ask it anonymously. Please submit the questions in comments below.


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Unknown said...

Hi Aimee,

I have just started a brand new listing for mental health resources with a focus on panic, anxiety and depression. Your blog would be very welcome on this list.

There is no charge to add your site. I simply am creating a database of info for fellow sufferers.

This is the address...

Yours in service Gwen R~

Anonymous said...


I have a question relating to dealing with your spouses emotions when they have been laid off. My husband was laid off 3 months ago and it has been a hard battle. I have been supported. I have not nagged him or pushed him in anyway. I am there to help him whenever he needs me. I try to make him laugh and I try to keep him upbeat. Also, whenever he is having a "Bad day" I am there to help him. If he needs me to just sit and listen I am there. If he needs me to take him out and try to get his mind off things I am there. However, when i do what he asks it does not seem right to him. He seems to find some type of problem with me. I know that I have to be understanding and I have been. I have bit my tounge several times, but the other day I had enough. I just snapped and I let him have it. We had a huge argument. We have not been speaking since. I apologized to him but that has not helped. I feel that since he is down emotionally our argument must of hit him hard.

What should I do and how should I deal with this? How can I better help him during his and our difficult time?

spouse of laid off

Anonymous said...

Hi Ammie

I came across your website on an internet search for anxiety and throwing up. I recently decided that my symptoms are probably anxiety related, I have had them on and off since high school for the past seven years never knowing why or what might cause them. It started when I really liked this guy, I guess I was just soo nervous about it all I puked out the window of my friends car, just because I saw the guy across the street. Later in life it came back when I liked this other guy. When I would try and eat around him I would get nauseous, and then I would puke. So I stopped eating around him. I had a boyfriend for two years, and had the nervous feelings at first, but then they went away. Now I am dating a different guy, and I thought I was in the clear from this problem, but now they are back in full force. I was fine at the beginning, maybe I didn't like him enough, or care what he thought so I never experienced the nervousness. Now though I can't even eat with him, because most likely I will have to run to the bathroom to puke. Sometimes he will just call me, and the feelings will come on. Or I will hear something from someone else that he has done that upsets me, and then it may come on. It is always the worst though when I am around food. Basically I never want to eat with him, I always make up some excuse about how I am not hungry, because I don't want to throw up. I just got back from a three week trip, he called me, and when I went upstairs to eat with my parents, I couldn't eat anything, the naseau started and I ran to the bathroom and puked. It's such an awful feeling, I am not really embarrassed about it all, most my family and friends know, and I have mentioned some of it to him before. I think that I am a pretty strong person, but relationships are obviously my downfall. Any suggestions?

Thanks and sorry this is so long!

Emily said...

Yeah, I have a question/comment about the previous poster. I'm 20 and I've never really dated much and I'm so nervous about when that time comes! Did you deal with anxiety in searching for a husband? How did you deal with it?
Any advice?

Aimée said...

To anonymous and emily,

Unfortunately relationships are not my forte. I rarely dated. I had a serious boyfriend all through highschool and once you are comfortable around someone the anxiety goes away, at least for me. I think the best thing to do is to figure out what it is that you are telling yourself that is making you so anxious. Are you worried that you will be rejected? Judged? Hurt? Left? Something is going on subconsiously that is making your body react the way it is. Find out what that is and then you have to learn to counter those thoughts with positive ones. I have a post that explains it all in detail- Ten Step mental exercise that will Reduce Panic-

Also do some research on negative self talk. I have several posts on it here but it will explain to you how it all works.

Keep me posted!

Aimée said...

To spouse laid off,

I am so sorry this has taken me forever to respond, It sounds like a very stressful situation and I am so sorry you are going through that. I would think the best thing to do is to have an honest open communication but I know that is easier said then done. Its also important for you to stand up for yourself because you are worth it. I guess in a marriage you have to pick your battles, and with him being vulnerable right now you have to decide whether the best way to deal with it. Maybe he is the kind of person that needs a lot of nurturing and maybe he is the kind that needs a good kick in the pants. But only you know that. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...


I used a non profit organization to deal with social phobia and wanted to share this info with others.



Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I can strongly recommend the following self-help product for anyone serious about defeating anxiety and/or depression forever:

The author has been on Oprah and is very experienced and nice to listen to.

Hope this helps

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