Friday, September 21, 2007

Pharmacists Might Care After All

photo by TheConsumerist
You always see those commercials about the pharmacist going to your kids baseball game, showing how much they care about their patients, but you know its all bull. I usually get my prescriptions filled at the nearby Smiths grocery store, and it seems every time I go the people working there had no idea what they were doing. I have never been impressed.

However yesterday I had the first good experience at a Pharmacy. Due to the last week and a half of feeling completely miserable, I decided it was time to go see the doctor and make sure I didn't have strep throat or something that antibiotics could help with. After my doctors visit I went to Smiths to pick up my prescriptions. Ty got a new job but there is a trial period before his insurance kicks in, so I signed up with my company. But I didn't have the card to prove it since I signed up the day before. So the pharmacist told me until I could get them the information they needed, I would have to pay full price. This means I would have to pay almost 30 bucks for the medicine my doctor prescribed. Note that the medicine wasn't any antibiotics- I have a virus and the meds were to help me with my symptoms. The pharmacist told me how the medication worked and said "If I were you I would drink a lot of water and take some sudafed and that will do the same thing." I was taken aback that she would give me this tip. Its the difference of paying 30 dollars or 6. So I took her advice and didn't buy the full priced meds. She got me the sudafed I needed and sent me on my way. I have also been out of Zoloft for the last week but since we didn't have insurance I just never refilled my prescription- very naughty I know. I asked her if she could refill it and how much it would be full price and she gave me 3 pills and told me to figure out my insurance and to come back for the rest. I thought that was really nice of her to not leave me high and dry.

I hope she stays there for awhile. How about anyone else? Any horror stories or surprising stories about going to the pharmacist?

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ShamWOW! said...

Used to have a pretty good relationship with the pharmacist at a Walgreens in Austin. Back when I didn't know what was wrong with me and the doctors didn't either, they really did try to help. And when I was afraid of taking my Klonopin, one in particular was really encouraging. And the head pharmacist there gave me a short supply one time for my "Roche Klonopin Vs. Caraco Clonazepam" experiment. And to top all that off, they did something that I can't talk about while I was in between insurance.

Nothing bad to say about the Walgreens in Hyde Park, Austin. Other Walgreens through the city sucked. CVS sucked. Target here in Dallas was pretty good, actually. And cheap.

Really, it's just luck of the draw.

However I will say this: pharmacists nowadays are required to have a lot more training than they used to. So an old pharmacist will be relying more on experience than younger ones would. I'm more comfortable with the younger ones, to be honest.

Interesting topic. If a lot of people respond you're going to get a LOT of different answers.

Mike said...

The pharmacy staff at my local grocery store, Wegmans are awesome. There have been many occasions when my Dr's office has sent the prescription to the wrong store, or not sent it at all...which is very bad because I get horrible headaches if I don't take my meds...The pharmacy staff always comes through for me when I need them. It's really not surprising, though. Wegmans is known for their exemplary service.

Aimée said...

D, you are right about the training. It can be a really great career now for people.

Mike, sounds like you are lucky. I wish there were a Wegmans near me!

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