Monday, September 24, 2007

I Can Only Imagine

Its not a new year, but it feels like today is a fresh start, a clean slate. Its a very hopeful feeling. I think its because I am finally starting to feel better, and work is finally calmed down a bit. Instead of working like a dog I am planning for the next time I will have to work like a dog. Also my birthday is coming up and that is in the back of my thoughts, so I guess it is almost a new year in some way.

Today I got a magazine subscription offer that I would normally turn down, but it was sent from my little nephew in Ohio in his little kid handwriting to help him raise money for his school. How can you turn down that? So I am going to order Women's Health and I am excited about it.

Ok so to go along with this great feeling that I have today, I want to share with you one of the most inspirational videos I have ever seen. Every time I see this video it makes me cry, but it has an amazing message.

This is a video of a father and son team that runs triathlons. To learn more about Team Hoyt, you can visit their website here.

The message that I take from this video besides the amazing father this boy has and how special we are all as individuals, is that no matter what you are going through, having a support person be family or friend can help take you to the places where you may not be able to go alone. I am blessed to have my spouse that is always helping me to feel loved and appreciated just the way I am. I have one or two good friends that will listen to me no mater how silly my thoughts may sound out loud. And I also have all of my online friends that share lessons learned and valuable insight to life. As cheesy at it may sound, all these supporters bring me higher and closer to reaching my goals than I could ever do alone. If you feel all alone in your anxiety or panic attacks, you can stop here anytime for some support.

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Anonymous said...

I struggle through it every day. Several years now. It is ruining my life. I try and try and give it my all. I m functional but I avoid situations and try to stay away from places. The usual. My panic attacks were full blown seizures probably spurred by coke use. And please don't judge me for it. I am really just trying to cope with life as best I can. I almost lost my love because of the anxiety disorder. If God wills it I may have the chance yet to right things. If only you could understand how lucky you are to have someone understanding next to you who does not do so for financial or professional interest.
You are blessed in your little way. I dream of having as much as someday soon. Of course much will depend on me, but I am as tough as they come and won't give in just yet.

Sherril said...

Very inspirational post. Thank you.

Aimée said...

I would never dare judge you- everyone has their battles and their life lessons to learn. I am sorry yours are so hard. I am glad to hear you are tough because that will help a lot! I admire your courage to try to change things around. Let me know how things are going for you. I am always hear to listen.

Sherill, thanks for stopping by! Hope to hear from you soon.

RobM said...

The video was an inspiration. It served to remind me to be thankful for all that is good in my life and not too dwell on the bad. Thank you!

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