Thursday, August 16, 2007

Simple Stress Reliever- Have a Good Chuckle!

I don't usually post funny things on here, mostly because I feel that my anxiety isn't funny. I also am hesitant to put anything controversial on here because of my SAD nature. I very much so want everyone in the world to like me. If Heaven forbid someone didn't than I would have to spend forever analyzing why and what I needed to do to change their opinion. Thats how I have always been and probably always be. Middle of the road, happy go lucky, be nice to everyone. However I do think that its nice to be able to laugh at yourself every now and then. Otherwise we stay in our self awareness nit picky judgmental attitudes right?

So since I have been working a lot and am getting tired of it, I can use a laugh.

While surfing for a serious webmd video on Youtube, I came across this parody instead. Personally it made me smile. If it offends anyone, sorry, but like I said, I think its good to laugh at what you are going through occasionally.

Ok if you want a really good serious movie about reducing stress and anxiety you have to go to the WebMd website cause its flash so unfortunately I can't bring it to you.


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social avoidance said...

Hi Jenny, great video, I think we can all make one with our own stories. Many times I laugh at myself because of certain behaviors. Thanks for your comments at the Social Anxiety Blog, I'll see you around, keep blogging.

Eric Wilinski said...

Oh, absolutely. When you're not in the middle of it, anxiety can look hilarious. Good to get that perspective on yourself!

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