Saturday, November 21, 2009

Being Held Accountable

I just wanted to report that I did my yoga today so I have accomplished my goal of doing it once a week so far. It helps to know that I am being held accountable to my goals by sharing with all of you. And the yoga felt so good but I know I am going to be sore tomorrow.

Has anyone else made any goals for incorporating relaxation techniques into their life? Anyone else trying to do yoga? If so how often?

If you don't want to share online, share it with someone because it helps to not do it alone.



The Blue Morpho said...

I've had success with meditation several times a week. But I know I should be doing yoga, too. Only managed it once all last month. So I have to get on the ball about that. I've found a few apps for my phone that should make it easy to do anywhere (not that that will be enough to get me going, but it does remove one more excuse.) Good luck with your commitment to keep it up!
Blue Morpho

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Anonymous said...

I have been incorporating a walk into my morning routine - I try to do it first thing, before I eat or sit down in front of the computer. I have a dog, which makes the motivation part even easier, and I know that it'll help me feel more positive even if I don't feel like going. I've kept up with it for about 2 weeks now - in the rain, bad moods, and darkness. Sometimes I walk for 10 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes. I hope to keep it up on a daily basis! I also enjoy yoga, and do not yet have a goal for myself. Perhaps I'll follow yours, Aimee, and try for once a week. thanks!

nonny said...

I found yoga to be very beneficial to reducing my anxiety. We recently moved and it knocked me out of my routine (not to mention a 1500 mile relocation from city to country) but I plan to get back to yoga. I love that you set your goal for once a week. Sometimes I set my goal too high and then when it falls through I quit all together which is foolish.
Moving for me is a major, major stressor and then after being plopped in the middle of nowhere, my husband had to travel to the East Coast for 2 months on business. As soon I noticed my anxiety skyrocket I headed to the nearest town for a "Michaels" store and got yarn to get back to knitting. It's pretty easy to learn and after you get the hang of it, knitting is really relaxing and for me, a good relaxation technique.

Hans said...

This is a really good blog, thanks. I still do yoga - two months ago I found that self-hypnosis can help me to eliminate anxiety. I've learned more about it now and I'm relaxed and don't fell any stress.
Further information can be found on the blog below.

All the best

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